PKF Francis Clark

Adrian Project Manager


“I enjoy working in an environment where I am empowered and able to use my skills whilst knowing that if I need assistance then I am able to get it.”

  • What attracted you to PKF Francis Clark?

    I have worked in large corporate organisations and was looking for a firm that is driven, ambitious and visionary with a friendly and supportive culture. I feel that PKF Francis Clark has this balance.

  • Tell us about your role and what you get involved in?

    As a Project Manager I am involved with a large number of change initiatives that are currently in progress across the firm including the new People System (myFC) and the new intranet. Tying these in with existing processes and business, as well as my usual work, means I am involved with lots of things across the whole firm.

  • Tell us about the culture

    The firm has a good balance between working hard and performing and has a friendly and supportive atmosphere. There is good support of local charities by all the offices and plenty of social events too.

  • What has been your biggest achievement?

    The successful implementation of the new people and payroll system in a short space of time was a great achievement and an overall team effort. For me you are only as successful as your last piece of work.

  • How are you supported in your role?

    For both my role, and also personally, I have all the support that I need. This is from my manager and equally I feel that I could go to any manager or partner and they would support me.

  • What makes someone successful here?

    To be successful at PKF Francis Clark, someone obviously needs to be good at their job. However, it’s also about working well with the firm and the teams that are around you. It is a combination of values, knowledge and experience.

  • What advice would you give to someone considering applying?

    I’d say be yourself and bring your own personality to PKF Francis Clark. The firm supports training and development on technical skills, however personal values, attitude and individuality is what makes the people within the firm great to work with.

A bit more about me

  • If you could invite 3 people to a dinner party, who would you choose?

    Jonny Wilkinson as I still vividly recall where I was when he took that drop goal to win England the rugby world cup.  The journey he has been on throughout his career is fascinating. Professor Brian Cox, I studied Physics at university and still love science and Brian brings a whole new modern aspect to that area. Rowan Atkinson just to lighten the mood a bit and I’m a fan of Blackadder.

  • If you could gift someone a book which one would it be?

    Be Iron Fit by Don Fink.  I often hear comments from people about completing an Ironman Triathlon such as ‘that’s impossible’ or ‘I could never do that’.  This book supports and guides people through a structured plan to attempt an Ironman whether it’s in 10 hours or 17.  Whilst it is exceptionally hard work and needs dedication I think that most people could achieve this.

  • What’s your favourite album and why?

    This is a really hard one as I tend to listen to lots of music especially while I am in the gym and don’t really have a ‘go to’ or favourite album. I listen to whatever takes my fancy at the time.

  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given or given to someone else?

    Learn from the past but don’t live in it. Basically, use the past as experience and learn from it. If something has gone wrong in the past and you can’t do anything about it, don’t hide it. Instead, fix it going forwards and don’t dwell on it.  This could be by behaving differently or doing something to correct an approach.

  • What's the most important thing you've learned in the last year?

    Having worked in developing and implementing systems and processes, I have always valued the importance of listening to people. Over the last year this has been reinforced and whether it’s listening to colleagues, clients or managers this is key to ensure that what’s delivered is actually what is required.

  • How do you spend your free time?

    I’m fairly active and race Triathlon at Half-Iron distance.  This is a good distance for me as my strength is cycling but I like the balance including swimming and running. Such a lot of time is spent training and with two girls who play rugby and hockey there is always plenty going on.