PKF Francis Clark

Jon Business IT Engagement Manager


“I am actively encouraged to find relevant training to support my work.”

  • What attracted you to PKF Francis Clark?

    Initially, the reputation of the firm and the way everybody spoke so positively about it, along with the location. I was looking to relocate back to the area after finishing university and jumping into a graduate job away from family and friends.

  • Tell us about your role and what you get involved in

    As the firm’s Business IT Engagement Manager, my work is varied and very creative. A large portion of my work (and one of the most exciting parts!) involves understanding and analysing business processes and workflows, consulting with representatives around the business and helping to streamline these using technology. I find the consultative approach very rewarding. I am also responsible for project delivery and making sure new systems are designed and specified as being fit for purpose and are then integrated properly into the firm.

  • What do you like most about working here?

    Definitely the people and the autonomy hard working staff are given to expand what they do and develop. Working at PKF Francis Clark feels like being part of a big, friendly and supportive family. Not something I had in previous jobs and definitely something I would find it hard to let go of!

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