PKF Francis Clark

Mashud Investment Analyst

financial planning

“The opportunities are uncapped and we are all encouraged to be ambitious in where we would like to go.”

  • What attracted you to PKF Francis Clark?

    I wanted to work for a firm which encouraged the staff to play to their strengths and didn’t place a glass ceiling over anyone’s head. I got on really well with the partner interviewing me and I felt like this would be a firm where my own ambitions would be supported rather than be developed to suit an ‘off the shelf’ role. Being offered a position on the Investment Management Committee meant I would be able to make a true impact through my work which appealed to me hugely.

  • Tell us about your role and what you get involved in

    I sit on the firms investment management committee where I help in overseeing the Centralised Investment Proposition and carry out regular communications with fund managers to ensure our recommended solutions keep up to date with global markets.

    I also conduct bespoke research for clients who have special requests, and work alongside our financial planners to ensure our Investment proposition remains simple and easy to understand when discussing markets with clients.

  • What do you like most about working here?

    The culture, the people and the opportunities. I have found that you are encouraged to develop your own path here at PKF Francis Clark. Rather than just filling a position, you begin to feel a true sense of pride and ownership of your role and responsibilities. The opportunities are uncapped and we are all encouraged to be ambitious in where we would like to go.

  • Tell us about the culture

    The culture is brilliant. Whilst we are encouraged to be ambitious and ensure the quality of our work is to the highest standard, there is no ‘corporate’ pressure like other firms. One of the reasons I joined PKF Francis Clark was because I was looking for an organisation that encouraged ambition and a strong work ethic, whilst demonstrating a family-like atmosphere where you felt valued as an individual. If you have an issue, you are encouraged to talk about it, the firm is very welcoming in these aspects and likewise if you want to go that step further, your ambition will be encouraged, not capped.

  • Tell us about your career path since joining the firm and your ambitions for the future

    I joined the firm in 2018 in a split role as a paraplanner, where I would research and write suitability reports whilst working with the financial planners. The other side of my job involved sitting on the investment management committee where I would help in the ongoing research and monitoring of our investment proposition. Since then my role has become solely focused in working on the investment management side, where I have got increasingly involved in the ongoing oversight of the investment strategy, and write the firms quarterly commentary.

    My ambition for the firm is to continue growing the proposition, to where Francis Clark Financial planning is a market leading name for offering market leading investment propositions to clients whilst promoting positive sustainable investing. I would love to also be able to offer an Islamic investment proposition, an area I studied at university and is clearly growing fast, but not many firms are willing to take the step in offering a suitable solution.

  • What’s been your biggest achievement?

    At this point I would probably say graduating from the University of Exeter with my degree, I was the first person from my family to complete formal education at this level. Either that or securing my position on the PKF Francis Clark Financial Planning Investment Management Committee.

  • How are you supported in your role?

    I’m supported in several ways, whether this be through industry exams I wish to take, or just by going round the room picking the brains of the more experienced team members, everyone is always willing to give up some of their time to help others.

  • What makes someone successful here?

    Hard work, persistence, honesty and integrity. Having good people skills is also vital. From what I have seen, the most successful people at the firm are the ones who care most about their teams.

A bit more about me

  • If you could gift someone a book which one would it be?

    Monkey Business by John Rolfe & Peter Troobe – this book breaks down the preconceptions undergraduate students have of entering the world of finance and showed that a fancy degree doesn’t automatically make you a finance wiz.